About Us

Based out of Bengaluru, India, “Odette” brings to the discerning buyer, a well curated line of assorted fashion jewelry, shoes and accessories all of which are subtle standout one of a kind statement pieces, tailored to economical and flair preferences. We form astounding collections with exquisite styling of every design which matches the versatility of today’s lifestyle. Born out of love for the exotic, each piece is a unique design in its own special way, something which you won’t see way too many ladies wearing around as they are grab’em of the rack styles that arrive and similarly vanish by the time one could blink an eyelid. In other words, “here today, gone tomorrow“.




Our story of sophistication are artistries of flawlessness, which speak volumes for itself and memorizes you even before one can begin to speak. Gleaming for your glamour, brilliance for your sheen, Inimitable as you, precision in every statement piece, bling is your thing, our jewelry your style, be precious, be exclusive, be “YOU”. “I have way more than enough to adorn myself has said no woman ever”, I could most definitely do with a little some more is todays oft repeated chant.  We at “Odette” ensure that each piece of irresistible jewelry is crafted to be a personal symbol for the wearer for their own inner strength, with an eye towards contemporary allure. Divine, chic stylish jewelry is the best gift for a woman from ancient bygone times, and we at “Odette” allow each lady to differ in her own perception, panache and character giving her personality an individual lead and vantage with her own chosen tried and tested gorgeous “Odette” purchase. “Odette” endeavors to be one’s distinct fashion ID card to contrast in their own matchless fashion statement so that though they fit in, yet they stand out in an understated way from the standard crowd. A high street favourite couture fashion line already, internationally acclaimed, has taken over the high fashion market by storm,  of top-notch quality sourced from some of the top end style houses around the globe, “Odette” symbolizes design distinction, diversity and reliability amongst commonalities. Changing the landscape with award winning creations we are of the opinion that jewelry and accessories are the exclamation point of any woman’s outfit, beauty comes when fashion succeeds. Fashion and style is all about extravagance and indulging and everybody needs a bit of that.