10 Must-Have Onam Outfits for an Ethnic Elegance


Onam, the vibrant festival of Kerala, is a celebration of harvest and culture that brings people together in joy and unity. It's also a time when traditional clothing takes centre stage, allowing individuals to showcase their ethnic elegance and heritage. If you're looking to make a stunning style statement this Onam, must go through this blog. We've curated a list of 10 must-have Onam outfits that will help you embrace the festive spirit with grace and elegance.

  1. Kasavu Saree – Classic Sophistication

Kick off the festivities in a timeless Kasavu saree. The off-white base adorned with a golden border; this outfit effortlessly captures the essence of Onam.

Fashion Tips

  • Pair your Kasavu saree with a traditional waist belt (Oddiyanam) or traditional jewelleries for an authentic Kerala touch.
  • Opt for a high-neck or boat-neck blouse to add a touch of modernity to the classic ensemble.
  • Consider draping the saree in the traditional Kerala style to showcase the elegance of the outfit.

  1. Silk Saree – Artistic Allure

Adorn yourself in the luxurious comfort of silk and celebrate the spirit of Onam like never before.

Fashion Tips

  • Opt for traditional gold jewellery that complements on the silk saree.
  • Consider draping the saree in a unique style, such as the "Nivi" drape, to let the intricate design shine.
  1. Kerala Mundu Set – Subtle Grace

For a more understated look, choose a Kerala Mundu set. The pristine white mundu paired with a matching blouse and a golden border adds an enchanting touch to your Onam ensemble.

Fashion Tips:

  • Enhance the elegance of the mundu with a statement waist belt.
  • Choose a blouse with intricate embroidery to add an element of sophistication.
  • Accessorize with jhumka earrings and a simple hair.

  1. Lehenga – Rich Celebration Couture

Blend tradition with contemporary fashion by opting for a lehenga. For this, Odette lehengas are surefire way to make heads turn.

Fashion Tips

  • Pair your lehenga with a statement choker necklace and large jhumkas for a fusion look.
  • Opt for a blouse with contemporary designs or asymmetrical cuts to bring modernity to the traditional fabric.

  1. Pattu Pavada – Timeless Glamour

Relive your childhood memories with a Pattu Pavada ensemble. The colourful pavada paired with a contrast blouse and a traditional hair accessory creates a look that's both nostalgic and beautiful.

Fashion Tips

  • Complete the Pattu Pavada look with a stunning maang tikka and temple jewellery for a regal touch.
  • Opt for a blouse with puff sleeves or intricate patterns to bring out the traditional essence.

  1. Anarkali Suit – Regal Allure

Step into the Onam celebrations with regal flair in an Anarkali suit. The flowing silhouette, intricate embroidery, and vibrant colours make it a perfect choice for adding a touch of grandeur to your Onam festivities.

Fashion Tips

  • Choose an Anarkali suit with intricate Zari work or heavy embroidery for a royal appearance.
  • Select jewellery pieces that match the embroidery or the colour scheme of the outfit.
  • Experiment with bangles or just an ethnic bracelet.

  1. Elegant Palazzo Set – Contemporary Chic

For a modern take on Onam attire, choose an elaborate palazzo set. The combination of a beautifully embroidered kurta, wide-legged palazzos, and a contrasting dupatta creates a look that's both chic and cultural.

Fashion Tips

  • Accessorize your palazzo set with statement earrings and a sleek clutch for a chic touch.
  • Play with contrast by choosing a heavily embroidered kurta and keeping the palazzos relatively simple.
  1. Gown – Effortless Glamour

If you're aiming for comfort without compromising on style, a gown is the answer. Its comfortable yet sophisticated design lets you move with ease while radiating elegance.

Fashion Tips

  • Add a touch of drama to your gown with a contrasting-coloured belt and matching accessories.
  • Choose statement earrings and a chunky bracelet to elevate the elegance of the gown.
  • Experiment with a hair bun with floral clips and hairbands to maintain a relaxed yet glamorous look.

  1. Traditional Kasavu Skirt – Whimsical Charm

Embrace a touch of whimsy with a traditional Kasavu skirt paired with a vibrant blouse. This ensemble adds a pop of colour while keeping the essence of Onam intact.

Fashion Tips

  • Choose a blouse with intricate mirror work or colourful embroidery to balance the simplicity of the skirt.
  • Complete the look with chunky bangles and a floral hair clip for a touch of whimsy.

  1. Floral Saree – Nature's Beauty

Celebrate the lush landscapes of Kerala with a floral saree. The vibrant blooms against a serene background capture the beauty of the festival and the region itself.

Fashion Tips

  • Complement the floral print with delicate neck pieces that highlight the colors of the saree.
  • Opt for a blouse with minimal embellishments to let the saree's pattern shine.

Go Beyond Elegance!

This Onam, let your style reflect the cultural vibrancy and elegance of Kerala with Odette's exquisite collection. From classic Kasavu sarees to contemporary palazzo sets, these 10 must-have outfits along with their styling tips offer a diverse range of options to suit your personal taste and style. Whether you're drawn to traditional designs or modern fusions, Odette has something special for every woman looking to embrace the charm of Onam with a touch of ethnic elegance.

Happy Onam and happy styling!

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