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A woman’s handbag is her everything. Whole outfits can be changed if the handbags don’t go well with the dress. They are an essential piece of every outfit. Be it a regular satchel to take to college or an exquisite statement handbag to flaunt in front of friends, women’s handbags come in many shapes, sizes and designs. If you’re looking to buy handbags online, here are some types of handbags for women to consider before buying online. 

Clutches: If you are not looking to carry anything heavy during your outing, clutches for women are a good option. They are compact and cute and have just enough space to hold the essentials such as phone, wallet and keys. Clutches for women come in different designs such as envelope clutches, box clutches etc. A gold clutch or a silver clutch is perfect for your glamorous events. 

Sling bag: Light and forever trendy, sling bags are great for casual outings. They are bigger than clutches and can hold more than the essentials. Crossbody sling bags are a very trendy option amongst sling bags. Other trendy options are the fringe sling bag and the bucket bag, both of which can be styled with casual wear. 

Tote bags: The one bag you can rely on completely, the tote bag is big and sort of bulky. But, it can carry a lot of things, from the essentials, to make up and more. When it comes to utility, the tote bag is way ahead of every other type of women’s handbags and can be styled with most women’s outfits

Satchel bags: A women’s briefcase, sort of, the satchel bag is a sophisticated addition to any outfit. A satchel bag can be matched with dresses, be it long and flowy or short and cute as well as the quintessential jeans and top combination. Rating high on both fashion and function, this bag is one you must have in your bag collection. 

Women’s handbags are undeniably an important part of any outfit. They can easily make a polished attire look drab as it can amp up a boring dress. From clutches for women to cross body bags and even baguette bags, women’s handbags have defined fashion styles and trends since ages. Odette brings to you a host of stylish handbags along with a plethora of accessories to make you look perfect for every occasion. If you need to make a fashion statement that flaunts your aesthetic, look no more, Odette has got you. Shop for jewellery like necklaces, bags, earrings, bracelet, and more only from Odette