Influential, innovative, and advancing, Odette aims to reinvent the modern approach to fashion by incorporating Victorian undertones and timeless designs, and bringing them to the 21st century. The comprehensive and romantic collections assure that everyone finds a product that they can appreciate.

Mamta Roy, Founder of Odette, is a pioneer, whose lifestyle, creativity, and unwavering determination play a crucial role in the enduring elegance and sophistication of the brand today.

With a wardrobe freed from constraints and superfluity, Mamta Roy channels her own perception of the fashion construct, to create classic collections. She has been able to combine classic extravagance with theatrical pageantry throughout her career, creating a distinctive presence in the fashion world. Being an avant-garde woman, her perception of design stresses comfort as well as luxury, revolutionising the fashion industry as we know it.

The name Odette has come to be associated with romance and femininity, two elements that the Founder ensures to encapsulate throughout the design process. Her enterprising ambition and shrewd understanding of women’s fashion needs are the backbones of the Odette establishment, bringing feminine, unforgettable products to the fashion market.