Mamta Roy had always pictured women as the heroes of their destiny. Women, she believes, are the most beautiful when they're independent and passionate. Every woman deserves to explore what she wants and how.

Her early life was shaped towards a bigger goal. Her father and mentor raised her as a free-will entrepreneur who seeks to better the world for women. Being raised in a Marwari family, she mastered the art of dealing with risks and dark uncertainties. The influential lines from her father, "Don't depend on anyone, carve your path", had etched a remark on her career as a successful businesswoman.

she has learnt the ropes of entrepreneurship when practically facing challenges in her early knocked down barriers by starting with whatever had to become wanted. worked celebrated fashion brands from eastern europe including metro mg shoeby karstadd quelle and many others that refined taste evolving tastes new world.

About Odette:

Odette was founded by Mamta to fuel her purpose of life– a constant fashion exploration and presenting the elite works to the world. It grew as a space that brings the wild, modern and creative accessories, jewellery and essentials for urban women on a single platform.

Odette pronounces freedom, independence and confidence for women who're here to chase their million dreams. As fashion plays an immense role in a woman's everyday life, Odette promises to deliver even the far-fetched trends that amplify your sense of fashion.

Odette is where design, art and style are crafted into new, sensible, and sustainable fashion wears to suit the new-age women. Fashion is what lies beyond the seven oceans and above the nine clouds. Odette is where imagination meets craftsmanship becoming a way of life.