founder & director

Self-DrivenEntrepreneur, Graduate in Commerce from the HR College, Mumbai and Founder of Mamta Apparels which specialised exclusively in the area of merchandising/ fabric sourcing for international retailers such as the Landmark Group, C & A, Primark, Tom Tailor and several other European brands. Co-founded along with her husband Amit Roy in 2020 which is now a Rs.100 crore value fashion brand in the area of accessories and fashion-wear. Interests’ apart from founding companies are shopping, music and spending time with family.


Mamta Roy_Odette_founder

With a profound passion for creativity and aesthetics, she has been a driving force behind numerous successful projects, campaigns, and artistic endeavours, She nurtured her talents through various artistic pursuits during her formative years. She went on to pursue formal education in Fashion designing at ATDC, where she refined her skills and gained a deeper understanding of design principles and creative expression. Anjali holds the esteemed position of Creative Director at Odette where she continues to lead and inspire a team of creative minds. Her contributions continue to shape the company's vision and propel it to new heights of artistic excellence.