3 Ways To Pull Off Your Valentine’s Date Look

Valentine’s is just a week away and we are excited for all you lovely ladies who already have plans for the day. No matter how long you’ve known a person or how many dates you’ve been on, it’s always a good idea to dress your best on the Valentine’s Date. Isn’t it?

From apparel to accessories and hair to footwear, everything needs to be planned and executed elegantly. We know you’ve been on the Valentine’s outfit hunt for a while now. If you’ve been looking for accessories or clutches for women to complete the look, this blog is for you. Following are some ways you can jazz up your date outfit and make it look like a starry affair.

1. Sleek Chic

If the sleek chic is your kind of date outfit then this is how you should style it. Take a subtle and minimal dress, preferably of a darker tone and accessorize it with exclusive pieces. Say a Dusty Pink bow clutch will instantly brighten up the dark hue of the dress. You can add to the beauty by embracing a pearl/ agate neck piece to the outfit. This date look is very feminine and is sure to cast an everlasting spell on your man.


2. Pop Style

If minimalism is too boring for your vivid soul, you are definitely a pop girl. You like bold pop colors and statement pieces. Don’t you? Here’s your recipe! Pick a real loud color from pops or neons for your dress (satin would be a cool pick). To compliment this extra glamorous attire, take a multi-colored studded clutch/ sling bag. Add a floral neckpiece with subdued tones and you’re set. Make sure the colors are all in sync to avoid too much distraction everywhere.

3. Bling Queen

Perhaps you don’t like a burst of pop colors but you do like bling and jazz. What then? If a sequin dress is your thing for the date, you should do it differently. Don a ravishing shimmer dress and accessorize it with a decent embellished clutch and perhaps a crystal necklace of the same color and you’re set to reign hearts.


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