Adorning Flawless Brooches!

A small piece of jewellery which always mesmerizes the one watching it. Women inscribed and stabled over the brooches with their sophisticated attire and accessories show sensible choice of hat, hand bag, cosmetics, and necklaces. Stylish brooches with amalgamation of pearls, gleaming stones, netted stuff adds to her royalty and identity. “Odette” accomplishes to maintain any woman’s identity!

1. Set of three Diverse Designs Metal Brooch

Metal has a structure of a woman in black short frock and a dog with a chain held by her. Small flower-like brooch with tiny faux pearls. Rectangular black brooch with bijou stones and a single pearl in centre Needle-like pin with pressing screw posterior.

2. Oval-Shaped Pearly Brooch

Black base has picture of a woman reading a book. Is bordered with small and big pearls. A bow with tiny faux pearls is clasped in a corner

3. Set of Three Trendy Brooch

A thin golden chord with a golden flower painted in black colour on one end, and a pearl on the other. A disc-like hollow brooch has a carved segment of a woman in dark colour with a pearl necklace; disc is also bordered with tiny pearls. A carved golden chunk with a pellucid stone.

4. Oval- Shaped Trendy Brooch

Oval-shaped base has a designed white net. It has a faux lipstick, a ring, and a black bow. The segment is bordered with clear stones

5. Oval-Shaped Golden Metal Brooch

Metal base has soft fabric which has a picture of a woman wearing a hat. A piece of black net fabric, a vertical bow, some faux stones and pearls are held fast. Made easy to wear with a safety pin and a crocodile clip posterior.


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