Adorning Sunglasses!!!

When summer is around the corner, style up your face by picking up a new pair of sunglasses with retro, oversized, and steam punk glasses with the shades of brown, blue and dim colours added with jazzy side stake and cute tiny stones .Glasses compliment with any summer wear. .”Odette “has the entire vogue to fulfil your thoughts/dreams in reality!

1. Dark Brown Voguish Glass

Square-shaped glass. Very noticeable dark brown running frame combing the side stake. A small part of the corner of the frame has a golden rim.

2. Trendy Double-Coloured Blue Sunglass

Glass has irregular square shape. Black pliant frame is bordered and seen anterior. Sides of the glass do not have a frame but golden dots as drops. Side stake is half and half black and golden in colour with a round small segment ornate with tiny clear stones.

3. Dark Brown Flamboyant Glass

Pliant glass with pliant brown glass. Dense glass with thick frame which has patchy designs. Very jazzy and wide side stake in steel-based and remaining in brown.

4. Murky Grey Pliant Glass

Glass looks squared. Pliant frame looks dense. Both the sides have a steel-coloured plank. Side stake is grey in colour.

5. Murky Dim Brown Glass

Glass is square in shape. Frame is noticeable which looks dense. Frame is in golden yellow colour and has unique design. Side stake is black.


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