Best colors for the Haldi function


Among various Shaadi ceremonies, Haldi is a prominent one that happens a day before the wedding. The ceremony is all about applying a paste of turmeric, sandal, rose water, and some oil to the would-be bride and groom to ward off any negativity, purify the soul, add bridal glow, and as a blessing to the new couple.

No brownies for guessing shades of yellow esp. haldi color (It’s the color of turmeric itself). Hello Sunshine, it IS the best choice, hands down. Should you want to deviate from the regular norm of wearing yellow on your haldi function and wonder which color to zero in, then stay with us.

Choose trendy honey gold this season for your haldi. While the color is good for haldi functions, recent trend has it that the color can be worn for any ceremony including weddings. While lehengas in this color are attracting the entire buzz, sarees in this color are a hot choice too.

Fresh Orange is another color that’s winning hearts. It has been reigning as the new black for centuries in bridal fashion scenario. Haldi included. Peachy hues or sunset shades, the color has marked its territory and going nowhere. Best orange attires have been created with Gota-Patti work, threads, and even sequins, or warmed up with embroidery in warm colors like dark greens, maroons, and deep purples.

And this one is for the rebel bride who wrote her own rules and broke the norms of wearing yellow on her Haldi. Stunning plum is your ticket to being the uber-cool bride. So is this vivid color - olive green. Of late, we have spotted many to-be brides opting for this color.  

Indigo blue is one pretty hue that contrasts with all the haldi painted on you. So does red. This one is also for the bright pictures on your wedding album.

Wiping out the wedding blues is any shade of blue that will outshine all the yellow on you and around you. Antique gold paired with white mogra flower jewelry is to add a dash of antique to your haldi celebrations. Keeping it minimal and neutral are the nude tones, be it classy blush pinks, ivory whites, beiges, or powder blues. Printed lehengas are in vogue too. This piece of attire has the power to make you stand out as the reigning queen of the day.

Haldi is a ceremony for all to have fun and for siblings, cousins, and friends to have a blast painting you yellow, head to toe. While we all know that the attire will be used only once due to all color on it, some like to opt for an old dress while others buy a new one. If you plan to opt for a new one, Odette is the place to find varied designs for your big day. 

Go ahead. Give them a look and choose your fav color anyway!

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