Charming Ornamental Bracelets

To feel positive, energetic and to get noticed, bracelets are the best part of fashion. The shiny, massive, serpentine, golden-silver spiral, get excited wearing bracelets with “Odette”!

1. Faux Gold-Plated Bracelet Peppered with Pearls

Pearls are clutched on top. Bracelet is carved on both the sides of the pearls Bottom part has three parallel equal grooves.

2. Mahogany Faux Gold Plated Bracelet

Enamel of the bracelet is graceful. Both the ends have a thin border of gold strap with small stones studded on it. Two big pearls are rooted on the ends.

3. Dulcet Faux Silver and Stone Bracelet

Both the ends have silver beads attached. Four circular strands of bracelet are studded with clear stones.

4. Belt-Like Faux Silver Plated Bracelet

Bracelet is belt-patterned. The shape of the bracelet is oval. Small clear stones are studded on the top.

5. Braided Wavy Faux Burnished Bracelet

Bracelet is made of copper coated thin strands. Correspondent ends are fixed with lofty metal piece

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