Diwali is the festival we all anticipate for months. Soaring enthusiasm as the festival comes closer and excitement rises are unparalleled and we focus on bringing in festive cheer. Rangoli, sweets, lanterns, crackers, decorations, rows of diyas, traditional dresses, and jumping little feet add joy and vibrancy to festivities.

Colors are more important today than at any other time. We need to have our Instagram grid stand out with pics and reels in the choicest lehengas, sarees, and other traditional dresses after all! Our ancestors may not have known color-coded festivals and wore what they felt like. That was awesome in its way! The color-coded festive dressing was introduced ever since fashion designers have taken over the fashion scene. And we so love the idea. Besides being unique, it makes us feel part of the tribe. It is uniting and liberating in its way. Most importantly, it makes choosing the colors so super easy.

Red, pure yellow, vivid magenta, and shades of blue have been stapled colors and would bring out festive fervor with aplomb. This season we add more colors to the clan. Chocolate brown, pink, ivory white, pop-up green, and violet, are new one's market is crooning about. While these cater to the bright and vibrant, there’s a color palette waiting for the royal at heart. Maroons, rich wines, peach, navy blue, and warm yellow are a few that are trending this season. Since Diwali does not have a nine-day color-coded schedule like Navratri, it gives us the freedom to choose a color for ourselves. Every year, the palette changes though.

This year pairing light shades with darker ones of the same color is in. A dark green saree with a light green blouse is changing the fashion game this year. Likewise dresses in different shades of color ups the fashion game. Having talked about the colors, we cannot forget the printed lehengas or kurta sets with gold or matching color embroidery on them. Catch here is the colors used for prints. While prints do stand out and make a statement solids and plains have saved their places for eons and continue reigning the roost. Creams are doing a good job here and so are other matte hues. Meanwhile, monochrome sarees and lehengas with gold, silver, or the same color embroidery continue to carry the traditional legacy while adapting the western feel.

With all color in the air, can we do without mentioning the bright sequins fad that has taken over the fashion scene this festive season? Nope. Sparkling Sequins Sarees in a myriad of colors such as chocolate brown, Navy blue, rose pink, ivory white, rich wines, purples, pinks, caramel, toffee, etc are being talked about and bought for the festivals ahead. Sequins used are either monochrome or in a rainbow of colors. Whichever way they make you shine and be the trad-diva.

In agreement with the festive mood is also white with its coterie of shades. Often matched with dull or bright gold it looks good as anarkalis, kurta sets, lehengas, sarees, and practically every traditional dress. Lend class to your festive celebrations with white in attendance.

The best part was saved for the end. Now this incomparable vibe and the emotional rush can be felt on the internet too with all the websites bringing in newly curetted stock and promo offers. Diwali fever is already on. What’s better than shopping from the comfort of your home and not even having to toil in the malls and markets? Also, some good websites maintain great quality, while being high-fashion portals. Odette is one such site. Explore your festive looks as the company rolls out great offers across its website. Light up darkness this Diwali and bring in abundance. Have a happy one!

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