Diamond Earrings for the Spring

Statement jewellery is not a new trend, in fact, jewellery like long earrings or silver bracelets have dominated the 2020s runway and the past spring. The 2021 spring has brought with it super-sized hoops, diamond necklaces, and chains. If the idea of including pretty diamond earrings speaks to you, then you will definitely love the new spring-summer styles. From mismatched trend to chunky chains, this year is all about being the star of the show where the world is your runway. 

Envision being dressed as the style diva, your outfit is right, shoes on point, but there is something that feels missing. If you ever have been in a situation like this then we know just the right element to add to your outfit to bring out the glam feel in it. Whenever you have been stuck in the phase where the outfit mood doesn’t feel right, you need to add timeless sparkle to it. 

Diamond earrings as said is known to be a woman’s best friend and why not, from Marilyn Monroe to Gigi Hadid every celeb loves to add sparkle to their outfit. To add the bling to your outfit, we have the top jewellery trends that are perfect and in sync with the summer. 

Extraordinary Designs 

A stunning pair of diamond earrings and you are set for that dinner date. Swing earrings are not just elegant but dressy enough to go with your washed-jeans and top. 

Summer Styles 

We understand that summer calls for fast-fashion and pretty accessories. Stay your comfortable self while being classy with the Diamond Twin Flower Earring. It is pretty and looks amazing, whatever the outfit be.


It is so essential to look for earrings that don’t hurt your ear after a few hours. We suggest you invest in Odette’s Navy Stone Earrings as they are so lightweight and simple to wear. Since a diamond earring is an investment, it is ideal to put resources into something pretty and light. 


Rather than putting resources into precious stones, or gold studs we suggest you purchase Odette's Magical Flower Earring that will work out well for suits, sarees, and even dresses. 

If you enjoy adding fashion accessories to your wardrobe, we would love it if you shop from Odette’s classic and timeless collection.


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