Durga Puja And Sarees



As August approaches, a bong’s heart starts skipping beats. It’s the anticipation of the homecoming of Ma Durga.

October! and the air is filled with the sound of conch shells and dhaks, red sindoor or vermillion, Dhunuchi dance, foodies crowding the yummy food stalls, dance and song performances, and among all these, men and women presenting offerings to Maa Durga. Ma has arrived! Amongst the huge celebrations, un-missable is the red and white saree ‘laal pere sada saree’- the mark of Pujo. Red symbolizes fertility while white stands for purity. While the rest of the country is busy buying Navratri-specific traditional clothing, Bengali saree for Durga Pooja is the mesmerizing collection of Jamdanis, Tants, Kotkis, Baptas, Gichcha Silks, Kalka Mahapars, Benarashis (Or Benarasis), Linens, Tissues, Muga Silks, Mina work sarees, and the cross-overs. A lot of sarees!

The norm is to wear a new morning outfit another evening outfit, every five days of Durga puja, with matching jewelry and the whole paraphernalia around it. Pujo fashion is a class apart. Elegantly dressed in classy sarees and outfits women and girls flaunt their traditional attires with such aplomb. Be it eating Puchka with friends or pandal hopping the bong babes never disappoint in fashion. Not only is self-dressing a big part of the shopping list, but gifting also contributes. Gifting sarees is considered auspicious. The women gift each of their near and dear ones sarees and get ominous blessings from elders and love from the younger ones. Every year the market is abuzz with new styles in festive sarees for the season.

This year the light and elegant cotton muslin Jamdani in traditional and floral motifs are trending. The Bengali puja saree has been catching the eye for its breathability and traditional designs in a myriad of colors. Begumpuri Saree is yet another lightweight Bengali saree, perfectly apt for pandal hopping and feeling comfortable throughout the day. Benarasi’s are your choice of fabric for that added grandeur. The designs and the color combinations are flaunt-worthy. Design-wise, can Batik ever go out of fashion? Nah NADA. And it finds itself on the fashion list every year. Along with the silks and cottons, new fabrics are in vogue and ruling the roost. Organzas, Chanderi’s, Net, etc are finding their way into the pandal. Another entrant is sparkling sequins sarees – printed and solid plain- both the versions have gained much love and are to be spotted in the Pujo Pandal this year.   

For Bengalis more than rituals, Durga Pooja is an emotion. So is shopping, preparations, decorations, gifting, and going to mom’s place for the celebrations. The attire has to be perfect and perfectly matched with jewelry, bags, and accessories. Nowadays shopping online is not only a matter of ease but a place to find better products online, in comparison to a physical store. One of the shopper’s fav websites for Bengali sarees for Durga Pooja is Odette, which brings in new collections every once in a while and has hi-fashion stuff on the site. Indian wear, western wear, bags, accessories, shoes, home décor everything. Go shopping and make the most of festive offers online. Happy Pujo!!

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