Footwear Styles You Need Always

If you have ever watched Sex and the City, then the exquisite collection of shoes in Bradshaw’s wardrobe must-have sparked some desire to own a closet like that.  But before splurging on another pair make sure you have got your basics covered.  Yes, Basic Shoes. 

We could never have too many shoes. There are limitless types of shoes for women. The right pair of shoes can make all the difference when it comes to completing a look.

To make your shopping experience more seamless, we narrowed it down to some staple shoe styles that every woman should own at least one of such as Pumps, sandals, boots, and everything in between, these are the most classic pairs of shoes you should have in your closet.

1. Pumps: Wherever you go pumps follow you. They are casual shoes for girls, formal shoes, they are party wear footwear, and they are date ready shoes as well. Pumps are a staple every girl must have it in their closet.

2. Stilettos: thin high heel, stilettos are blessing for women. The stilettos have a great variety everywhere. These party wear non-party wear versatile heels are always a blessing in disguise for the ladies.

3. Kitten heels: A kitten heel is a short, slender heel. These are on the top 5 list of best women formal shoes. Yes! It is really a savior for those who aren’t a fan of high heels in the workspace. These heels are a considered blessing for feet which get swollen easily.

4. Wedges: are defined by a single piece of material serving as both the sole and the heel. The wedges were a big hit in the 90s and till 2005 but they died a bit after that. Thanks to 2018 the trend caught up so fast that it’s still being followed and there are some amazing ladies shoes that you can buy online. Wedges have actually been one of the most comfortable and now the most preferred. In the forms of slip ons or sandal wedges they are always the favorite .

5. Ballerina Flats or Block Heels: These are the two most common and the important staple must haves in the wardrobe of every lady. The ballerina while are flats and heaven to feet, block heels are also the same category. They are a perfect overall; the heels are squared and attached to the soul. Both the footwear are an essential buy for every women out there.

Hope you all now know what are the top 5 footwear that every women need in their closet. After those Bradshaw’s closet is not very far away to fetch.


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