Glam Up Your Western Apparels With Classic Clutch Bags

If you thought classic bags and purses could match only ethnic attires from your wardrobe, you should spare five minutes now. It is time to redefine your style and jump up the chic levels.

classic clutch bags

Learn how to blend classic and western fashion ideas to spark like an idol. Make way for a fusion that is here to last forever.

5 Classic Indian Clutch Bags to Match Your Western Apparels

White Pretty Round Adorning Clutch
Not sure if the world is round but we are sure this pretty Adorning Clutch bag is carefully embroidered to spin off the perfect round shape. The polyester bag is adorned with zardozi work and faux pearls imitating the lean vines.
Pick your favourite crop top and ripped jeans to hit the party with this posh clutch bag! Your choice if you want to hang it down or clasp it in your hands, you would get all those eyes on you.

2. Rectangular Shape Pink Embellished Clutch

Rectangular Shape Pink Embellished Clutch
Are you missing something? You sure are if you haven't tried this broad clutch bag, graced with a tint of pastel floral colours. This plush pink clutch is here to reveal some happening fashion trends for you.
Hold and groove with this Pink Embellished Clutch bag that is ready to go with your favourite floral printed gown, A-line skirt dress or jumpsuit. Take it out with you when wearing bright-coloured outfits to get your rare and mod impression.

3. Elegant Mosaic Clutch

Elegant Mosaic Clutch
Have you ever dared to grab and celebrate two entirely different style modes? Creativity grows and flows when you hang this Elegant Mosaic Clutch that is adorned with pearls, stones on a gold tone metal. 
Hang out with this clutch when you have slipped into street-style pyjamas or bodycon that has a floral-print fantasy all set for you.

4. Potli Bag embroidered in golden and pink

Potli Bag embroidered in golden and pink
Raise your glass of wine and flaunt your understated choices with this off-white potli bag that is delicately quilted with florals and tied with golden lace. The bag is embroidered in pink and golden to portray the blossoms. 
The handle is laced entirely in faux pearls and golden kundans that leave a sense of appeal. Get into floral BodyCon or Strapless shirt-dress along with wedge heels to shape the final look.

5. Blue Amazing Embroidered Potli Bag

Blue Amazing Embroidered Potli Bag

Get close to a bold yet divine transition with handmade and embroidered potli in blue. The colourful flowers paint a dreamlike setting like the dusky night sky. 

Step out in a sleek and snug sheath one-piece with this potli in hand that hints floral fashion for you. You can date this potli while wearing a bodycon, prom dress or gown.

You always have countless colours and styles to pick from. Stand ahead of the vogue by merging classic and western fashion modes to bring about a creative disruption. Embrace an unusual fashion upbeat that is aesthetic and artistic.

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Written by Ramya Rao


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