Worship the black and the dark. Worship the demons and dragons and witches. Worship the lords of evil, the lords of all eerie. Enter Halloween.

We are at the end of the month that marks everything spooky and celebrates them. Crash those Halloween parties across the town and the one in your apartment. And go all dressed up in a look that is inspired yet reeks (C’mon it IS Halloween appropriate!) of uniqueness. Here, we create a Halloween costume aisle for you. Take a look and create your look for the costume party. 

1. Mermaid Halloween Costume - If you have grown up dreaming of being the sexy mermaid costume, now is the time. Scale up your mermaid costume with a nude choker and a pearl ring to match. After all, you are just out of the sea and pearls are at your helm. Aha! and you just got the sea shell hairband too. We sea that!

2. Vampires- Invoke the gothic in you and bring your vampire out in a costume inspired by iconic Katherine Pierce look and the likes. A collar necklace is what you need to make it unique and ultra-vampirish. Or this one choker for the badass look. Do not forget your blood-dripping fangs and the extra kohled-up eyes before you step out. Top it up with a fascinator and go slay.

3. Dionne Davenport’s Halloween Look- The chequered uniform when paired with a solid fascinator or hat stands a look closer to what Katherine Pierce a.k.a. Cher Horowitz's Best Friend, sported in the movie Clueless-The Magical. A slithering snakeskin print heeled boot matched with a pair of black stockings has to be added for that spooky edge to the look. Slither out (oh! walk out) to your neighborhood for the trick-or-treat euphoria.

4. Barbie- And who doesn’t want to be batting eyes and standing pretty and still earning as many goodies as the spooky ones? The Barbie look though can be easily overdone. So be careful. Here are some accessories to ace it like a Barbie and walk out like a pro. Barbie's look has not even started without a headband or a bow or this blush pink Headband. Try this one and pair it up with some pearls strung together in a lovely neckpiece and the oh-so-Barbie shades. Mark it! It has to have a broad rim…remember the Barbie Song.

5. Cleopatra- This Iconic ruler had such a distinct style, so worth getting inspired from.  Creating her look would require you to feel like Cleopatra first and then accessorize. We have suggestions for the accessories, while you manage the feel. Things so strikingly her are collars and capes. Her belts are so her style too. Out this all together and remember us as you get showered with J eyes.

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