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This year has been long, exhausting and draining. With the approaching festival season, you can soak the coming months in positivity and euphoria. The best way to round off your festive looks is by infusing the charm of classic Indian jewellery designs in your festival attire. Ah yes!

No matter what you have on your mind for the festivals to come, you can never go wrong with the intricately designed Indian necklace and earrings sets. Experience the Indian goodness by matching your apparel with the enchanting Indian jewellery designs and outshine the best trends known to you.

Top Picks From Our Necklace Jewellery Designs

1. Traditional heavy semiprecious Kundan & enamelled necklace with earrings


Are you up for a majestic, lush and divine look all the same time? This gorgeous Kundan necklace with earrings is tucked with leafy shaped kundans wrapped inside the golden-enamelled metal. The necklace is intricately studded with maroon manis as dangles. Adding more charm to it, the necklace is linked to a dewdrop-shaped pendant while adding a sense of sophistication to your festival attire.

Let the Kundans do the talking for you and dazzle the festival setting around you. The fascinating necklace design spews a bright colour even under a dull light. The best attire to go with it would be bold gowns, Indian styled murky wears and more.

2. Uncut Gold Kundan Semi-Precious Neckpiece

Uncut Gold Kundan Semi-Precious Necklace

Are you ready to captivate the people around you with magic stones and emerald green crystals laced in simplicity? This Uncut Gold Kundan Necklace and earrings set is meticulously designed with chunks of green, white and red stones. The strings of uncut stones in layers clutched with big flower-like pendant sets up the class for you.

You can match this Indian styled Kundan Necklace with bright peach, white, golden and distinct radiant-coloured attire. You can lift the delight with the lush green earrings set that goes with it.

3. Margarite Pearl Necklace

Margerite Pearl Necklace

The language of elegance with a dash of glamour can be earned by this pearl-studded Margarite choker. The stunning peach-coloured stones are sure to entice the right energy for the Indian festival season.

This choker is a dainty compliment to your bright coloured sarees and ethnic wears. The pearlescent glint of the carefully cut pendant stones and snug pearls will leave people fantasising the Indian goddess. You can bring out the best out of this necklace and earring set by wearing a plain, classy saree or ethnic dress.

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Top Picks From Our New Design Earrings

1. Brown enamelled Kundan and pearl earrings!

Brown Enamelled Kundan & Pearl Earings

You can strike it rich with chocolate brown-enamelled floral earring to celebrate the Indian festival season look. The main flower is studded with sleek kundans and is hooked to two big rings. The two-round rings are mounted with stones and the lower one is linked to polished, golden-white pearl danglers. This floral ring is beautifully designed with flowers in-between leaving a punch of classical Indian impression.

With this enamelled earring set, you can amplify your festival energy. This pearl engraved earring seizes the attention under the clear bright sky and shines under the starry night. You can perfect this new earrings design with light, pastel colour festive ensembles.

2. Mesmerising half-moon pearl and Kundan earrings!

Mesmerising half-moon pearl and Kundan earrings

No wonder floral earring sets hit the top of the list when picking grand festive earring designs with pearls. This Floral Half-Moon Shaped Kundan earring is studded with iridescent stones outlined in golden-enamelled floral-shaped metal. The gold plated floral ring is delicately tied to clumps of rose-gold faux pearls.

This rose-gold earring with lustrous links catches the eye with a soft, breezy, and pampered glimmer. You can add to the glow with a golden, hazy pink or baby pink, and pearly white attires.

3. Round Gold Tone Kundan Pearl Earrings

Round Gold Tone Kundan Pearl Earrings

Ever witnessed sobriety wrapped in wonder? Yeah, we have and we want you to take a pause and look at this earring. We have delicately styled this Round Gold Tone Kundan Pearl Earring set that comes with a hollow moon shaped ring encircling a cute jhumka at the centre. The golden moon ring is embedded in kundans and tiny, soft pearls to elevate the festive glow.

The rich and vibrant look of this jhumka earring design can be heightened with dark or light ethnic wears, golden-white sarees, and matching gowns. A single trinket with golden-white chain will best complement this earring look for the traditional attire you've picked this festival season.

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Are you all set for the upcoming Indian festival season? If you are still not finding what to match your favourite apparel with, you could choose from an array of latest Indian jewellery designs here.


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