Mastering Your Bags

We all love to be stylish, wherever we are and wherever we go. And boy! We go places. The most intriguing part of going places is that we cannot take the same bag everywhere. The needs and requirements keep changing and we need a bag apt for the place we are at. No wonder we have bags for every occasion, right from Tote Bags to Handbags to Clutches, Sling Bags, Briefcase Bags, Bucket Bags, and Belt Bags. And it is not limited to only these. We still want more. We have Beach bags and Backpacks, Bindles, to prove the point that mankind spent so much time creating these in such variety. Womankind should have needed all of that. 

Bags are not only our solutions to keep or carry our essentials in, or for daily baggage, they have a knack in stepping up the style game with aplomb. So much that a bag can make or mar the look by being present or not, pressing the fact that we need a careful eye while buying the arm candy. Knowing your options, for starters, is empowering. Let’s do just that …know your bags and know them well darling.

Handbag 👜 We all know this one. The one who is always by our side – firm and sturdy. Our go-to person! This is the one. This medium to large bag is the one to hold space for us, large enough to hold personal items. Carry it by arms or by shoulders, the handbag is a beautiful and practical addition to your office or just anywhere it looks. No investment can be more gratifying. Interestingly, the hand bag came into being only in the 19th century. Until then, women used a small box to carry their coins. Once we women started carrying more than just coins, our small purses gave way to bigger handbags. 

Clutch 👛– This cute little quintessential partner to parties and weddings is a show-stopper. Not meant to be framed in dimensions and characteristics, these can be anything from a small flat handbag with no handles to a big bag with handles or detachable straps. In any case, slim and handheld - these are the handiest when carrying small items. The oldest living clutch 👝 from a family of affluence in Mosul in Northern Iraq is believed to be 700 years old, emphasizing that clutches have always been a symbol of luxury and status.   

Tote Bag – This humble shopping partner is mid to large-sized – usually biggest of all types - unfastened bag so you can carry most of what you shop for in one bag (Well, we shop 🛍to fill in a suitcases 🧳not bags 😄). There are parallel handles attached to the main body. This simple, versatile and practical accessory is pretty useful too. Want comfort and style to go together, then get your credit card and invest some moolah on this one. 

Batuas and Potlis –Potlis are the Indian elite’s version of clutch bags from time immemorial. Now a fashion accessory, the stylish Potlis are crafted in luxurious materials like heavily embroidered velvet, satin, silk, jacquards, etc, and have drawstring closures. Meanwhile, Batuas have transcended their journey from small clutch bags to the all-encompassing Back-packs 🎒. Throw in a Batua or Potli with your Indian ethnic ensemble and you slay!

Belt Bags – Call it waist bag or fanny bag or bum bag or moon bag, or belly bag, the bag remains the most convenient version of a bag. The small fabric or leather pouch attached with a waist belt and secured with a buckle is the new-age hands-free version that sits snuggling on the waist or resting on the bums.  Traveler’s delight, the belt bags allow for only the unmissable important stuff.

Wallets – This is where the most important stuff goes. Credit cards, currency notes, coins, keys or important documents like licenses, ID cards, etc. all find their proper place in the organized compartments of a wallet. Made usually from leather or fabric the wallet often finds a secure place inside the handbag or Trouser pockets. 

Whether you are a Handbag-Holic or prefer the little charmer–clutch, you are always looking for a variety, coz nothing bores more than repetition. Online shopping being the new normal, there’s ample to stalk the most delightful bags on one of the sites. Some of them like Odette have a real drool-worthy collection on their website. Often these sites run great offers, especially during the festival season making it a money-saving deal 💰. Bag that bag 👜 in style and do not forget to bookmark the blog. Indulge in the little luxuries life has to offer, till next. Ciao 🙋‍

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