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Come August – September and Kerala gears up for 10-day-long festivities. Every Malayali's heart jumps at the mention of the festival just like every Bengalis’ for Durga Pooja and North Indian’s for Navratri. Amidst the sadhya (the festive feast), pookalam (flower decorative designs), and Vallamkalli (the boat race) – another marker of this festival is the simple yet impactful Kasavu saree. A perfect embodiment of purity and simplicity, the white and gold Kasavu Sarees are called so for the gold zari used for weaving the handmade saree.

The saree is usually plain or has motifs all over and stands for a minimalistic look. Mostly coupled with tali- the sacred necklace that the groom ties around a bride’s neck) and no fuss dressing, the saree has been worn the traditional way for years together. Here are some mix-and-match tips to create many looks out of this lovely attire. The idea is to buy pieces that are distinct from each other. A choker is different from a long necklace and both are different from the layered ones, in the way they accentuate the neckline. With just two festive sarees and four neckpieces, you can create a traditional look or fusion; simple or heavy. Also, I like to pair two necklaces – usually a choker and a long necklace- to create another bridal look or on the heavy festive side. Each neckpiece depending on the length and the neckline of your blouse can create or mar the look. This needs careful choosing to be done. Traditional dressing and no bangles?? Doesn’t go well. Add some matching gold or Kundan bangles or a bracelet to complete the traditional look.

We love traditional looks for festivals. However, given a twist by pairing your traditional attire with pieces of quirky jewelry you can achieve a trendy look that is not out of line. Your traditional saree needs a great pair of footwear to shine on. Mules – the slip-on footwear- we found are the best companions, especially for festivals where it is required to take the footwear on or off quite frequently. In vogue are the mules with traditional prints, and the power to take your attire to another level. Embellished and embroidered ones are no behind. Now that the saree, jewelry set, and mules are in place, it's time to finish the look. With a bun accessory. Flowers are a must. Artificial one must-er. And why do we say so? Well, originals wilt with time and instead look bad. Artificial flowers are for keeps, years after the occasion. And they are fresh all the time. Beads have found their way into this category and doing a good job. Onam-specific classic white and gold sarees in silk or cotton are incomplete without this accessory.

Finding these is not difficult these days, whichever part of the world you are in. Thanks to all the websites doing the good work of picking good products from across the country and even abroad and reaching us at our homes. One such is Odette.in that has a good compilation of products. Go, check it out! There are a lot of offers going on. Create your own Onam look this year.

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