New Year Fashion Resolutions



New Year. New Looks. Time to go 2.0. Where’s the fun if only the date changes? New year is an opportunity for all of us to change to our enhanced selves. You guessed it right- a fashion makeover. Your Version 1 is passe’. Step into a brand new year with a brand new you- I call it Version 2.0.

Discover yourself or invent, but turn your look around with fashionable pieces that the market is replete with.  Set the tone and drive 2023 with aplomb.


Read on these tips to tap into your unexplored self-  


Go Bold- Hail social media for the shouting out loud the message for being bold. With the available fashion choices and considering only one dear life we have, we must go bold in fashion choices too. Be it sparkles or animal prints or things labeled quirky, if you feel like wearing it, just go ahead. Go bold on accessories like modern anklets, capes, and body chains that are out of mundane. ‘Dress to express and not to impress’ is the mantra this year.


Try Off Beat-Some accessories are inherently attention grabbers. And we do not despise attention at all. Bring it on people! Body Chains, Capes, and Collars command attention. These are transformative too. No one can transform a regular top into an expensive-looking piece like a cape. Or a collar that turns your formal attire into an interesting one. Fun Fact: you can add it with a saree blouse too.


Be Brave-Try. Try. Try. This is the only rule in this game. Trying new cuts, designs, patterns, and accessories is a two-pronged fork. Re-invent an old dress in a new look while you bring out your unexplored self. Be brave. Try new mix and matches and create a style that is distinct and so YOU!


Keep a collection of pieces like capes, watches, jewelry, bags, etc. to style your dress in varied ways. Scarves, sunglasses, and neckpieces lift the mundane in imaginative ways. After all, there’s so never-ending much to explore.


Styling - If you believe in creating an image for yourself esp in a formal environment, it is also important then to keep adding to it. Just to avoid being a typecast. So rethink your wardrobe. So if you are used to wearing only gold chains, add a string of pearl necklaces. Or add a few rings, or just change the style of bag you carried. Just one reminder: make sure your complete attire syncs with the other.  


Skincare - Make space for self-love. Pamper your skin so it loves you back. Clear, radiant skin is always fashionable and speaks louder than any other fashion product. Mild soaps, scrubs, face gels, and bath salts not only spell luxury but are essential to keep your skin happy. Remember that is the first layer of fashion we wear.


Smell good -Biggest fashion sin ever is to smell bad. Imagine looking hawt as Merlyn Monroe and smelling like a fish. Not Done! Go gal for perfumes that last longer and make you feel like a fresh daisy all the time. The best tip that you’d want to stick to through your life.


This year the resolutions are for keeps. Make that choice in to a new you. While you get ready to revamp, we are here to hold your back. With offers extended to 15th of Jan 2023 and new products being introduced all the time, there’s no holding back on stocking up your favorite items. Visit the website to explore it all. Wishing you an exuberant year ahead!

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