Perfect Gifting Options This Diwali

Happy Diwali

Diwali is one of the biggest and most awaited festivals of the year. A time for togetherness, feeling of love, gratitude, and appreciation for the people around any case Diwali, the festival of lights is incomplete without sons and daughters returning home for the festivals and coming together to clean, make sweets, shop, burst crackers, light up Diyas and send gifts to the loved ones. After all, it is the people around us who make the festivities joyful and worth enjoying.

When our tribe is so important to us, make them feel special and let them know that they lighten up your life just like the diyas. The tribe can be your family, your house staff, relatives, friends, employees, stakeholders, or businesses. Corporate Gifting is seen as an important corporate gesture to acknowledge and strengthen ties with fellow businesses and employees. In many companies, the employees look forward to Diwali gifts as much as they look forward to Diwali itself.  

As much as we love to gift people, finding the right fit is tedious. So we took this chance to introduce you to some gifting ideas for everyone.

1. Vintage Tiffin Boxes – For the foodie with an eye for the best. This vintage two-tiered lunch box is so apt for the students and professionals who love home food and love to bring it in style. You cannot go wrong with this one.

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2. Wall Hanging Plates- This is yet another charm from the days of yore. Hanging wall plates lend the home décor that classy finish while it tells the tales of your taste. One or two or more is a choice, but it is going to make the receiver’s day.

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3. Photo Frames- Another favorite gift to give and to receive. Add your favorite picture to the frame to personalize it. This stylish one with the studded butterflies is going to color up the memories you had together.

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4. Bath Salts- Want to gift someone a luxurious start to the day? We all know the regal ones who are appreciate only the best. The Bath Salts and Luxe soaps make very intimate yet statement gifts. It speaks of your style quotient as well as of the receiver. Try them out this Diwali!

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5. Perfume – Another Intimate gift. This one is not for everyone. To some it may be offensive, hence tread with care. However, perfumes make very personal gifts hence knowing what someone likes is a pre-requisite. Odette perfumes come in that signature packaging that makes it a voguish gift.

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5. Lehenga Sets – In India gifting clothing to the closer ones is a norm and what could be better than a beautiful lehenga set with blouse and dupatta that can be worn during the festivals. Odette has a huge variety of lehengas, be it in prints, or embroidered ones. See your heart flutter with joy, as young giggles fill up the air and twirls pace the ground.

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6. Sarees- A mother’s joy seems no bound when she buys his first saree for her, or the wife who receives it as a gift from her husband. Sarees can uplift any woman’s spirit esp if received as a gift. Cotton, Kanjivarams, Silks, Organzas, Benarasis, Georgettes, Sequin Embroidered sarees- and the list continues- are all apt for gifting.

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6. Kurta Sets-  Kurtis and Kurta sets are the most used outfit these days and we have one for every occasion. Kurta sets can also be gifted as dress material, semi-stitched or fully stitched forms. In each way these are one of the best received gifts.

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7. Jewelry – There’s nothing like enough jewelry. Another piece is always welcome with open arms. Jewelry also presents a great variety, since a neckpiece, pair of earrings, bracelet, haath-phool, anklets, or the complete set, all make great gifts.

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8. Watches – Watches are the time-tested timeless gifting ideas that have worked for eons. Be it a gift to family or a corporate gift, these are nowhere going out of fashion. Trendy ones, studded with stones or pearls, the big dials, colored dials, or the ones with elegant gold and platinum finish, there’s one for everyone.

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9. Bags – Adding Moments of style to your gifting regime, the bags ace the gifting finesse. Covering all moods and occasions, the bag can offer a great variety. Potli bags, Batuas, Clutches, Tote Bags, Belt Bags, Hand Bags, and Wallets are some of the varieties that are available in Indian traditional and western designs.

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10. Gift Cards- Now these are such flexible gifts and liked by everyone – the Gift Cards. Odette presents several denominations ranging from 1000 to 10,000 rupees and everything in between. Gift these to your near and dear ones to see their faces bloom with joy.

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All these gifting options are available online on Odette’s website ( and can be directly bought from there or on other platforms. Purchase gifts from the comfort of your home, with the assurance that the products are the best in design and quality and will reach within the stipulated delivery time. Can there be anything better? Wishing you a great shopping session and may this Diwali take away all the darkness and shower abundance.

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