The Jingling and Clinking Momentous Rings

When it comes to beauty and sparkle, flashy and ostentatious.The small, the giant, the elevated. Every ring has significance. ‘Odette acknowledges your queries!

1. Pink and Clear Faux Gems Floral Finger Ring

A bouquet-like graceful faux gold ring. Three layers of flower with petals in pink and clear faux gems. Layers rotate around the flower positioned in the centre. 

2. Black and Clear Stones Finger Ring

Overlapping petals are flecked with tiny stones on faux silver metal. Petals are bordered with bijou black stones. A single stone is wedged between the petals on this ring.

3. Reflecting Floral Chunky Finger Ring

Flower has reflecting stones tucked on the saucer-like golden metal surface. Flower has a tiny clear stone-studded small flower wedged allying.

4. Lovely Pink Gem Floral Finger Ring

Flower has five faux gem petals bordering with thin golden wire. A clump of clear tiny stones between the petals is fabulous. Ring looks very unique with the design of minute stones.

5. Crown-Shaped Faux Stone Finger Ring

Faux silver metal ring is carved in unique manner. Intersecting petals have very tiny thin beads interior. Multicoloured flower is placed amidst.



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