Are you ready for a style makeover? If yes, then this accessory is a must have for your wardrobe. A Bracelet is a graceful and minimalist women's accessory that adds an elegant touch to the overall look. They are an ideal choice to elevate a good outfit to a great ensemble as they are neither too bright nor too boring. The most in-demand are the gold bracelet and silver bracelet as they go with all the types of attires.

Styling your bracelet is an art. They are a minimalist yet a bold way of expressing yourself. If you wear your wrist jewellery right it can take your outfit altogether to a new level, else things won’t turn in your favor. So if you are confused about how you can style the bracelets for women, then this brief is for you. We have curated styling tips on bracelets for you so that you can take a look to the next level.

Silver Bracelet


Show your bold personality by opting for a mix and match outfit with different styles of bracelets. For eg. Mix and match a dual coloured gold and smoke silver bracelet with a floral designed bracelet to create a tingly look. However, while choosing different styles and colours of bracelets make sure that your bracelets complement each other.

Embellished Bracelet


This wedding season, if you want go for a minimal approach then you can complement your Indian outfit with the square-shaped crystal-embellished bracelet that comes in a gold-tone to create an appealing and attractive look. This stunning bracelet is light, beautiful and looks flawless with your ethnic attire. It is a perfect alternative for a plain and simple silver bracelet that may require you to add more accessories to create a complete look.

Floral Bracelet


The most overlooked styling tip: consider your sleeves. If you are wearing short sleeves or ¾ sleeves outfits then you can wear a bracelet to create a stylish look that keeps the main focus on your bracelet. As long sleeves tend to hide the bracelet thus it doesn’t make any sense to wear wrist jewellery with long sleeves. For e.g. - If you are wearing a simple and elegant floral western dress that has short sleeves, then you must complement your dress with a white rhinestone floral bracelet. This bracelet works better than a simple gold bracelet to create a perfectly flawless look for your party.

Bracelets are essential wrist jewellery. Go beyond the gold and silver bracelet to experiment with your fashion statement. Based on your personality and fashion sense, you can style your bracelets in many ways without making fashion blunders. If you are looking for different bracelet’s styles for every occasion then your search ends at Odette.

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