Traditional Earrings that You Need to Know and Own!

The history of Traditional Indian Jewelry and Jewelers is as old as Indian history. The word jewellery actually means plaything, and isn’t it just the right description?! Even our mythologies have played an important role in trending the jewelry section for us women.

When it comes to building our jewelry collection we all look for various things in it. Striking a balance between elements of design, aesthetics, style, color etc. is always a tough job to be done. The true forte of ethnic earrings, Indian earrings or jewelry lies in its ability to enhance what is already beautiful. They can make moments iconic forever. Not many know this but earrings or jewelry in general have some perks of wearing which highlights and matches with the most elegant features of oneself.

A comprehensive jewelry collection can add character and originality to a woman’s wardrobe. Whether selecting a piece of jewelry for a formal, casual or a grand occasion, knowing what suits our style is essential. At Odette, we provide with the best and trendiest Indian ethnic earrings. Earrings you need to own and go with everything. The style or type of ethnic earrings you are wearing is a must known especially Indian variants of earrings as there are just too many.
Odette gives you sneak peek into the type of earrings one must own and have what are they called exactly!

1. Chandbalis: As the name suggest it’s named after the crescent moon shape which was originally inspired from the NIZAM’s of Hyderabad. They give a touch of royalty and also recreate the Mughal Era which actually goes and compliments many Indian outfit like sarees, kurtas, anarkalis, lahenga etc. Chandbalis are sophisticated, elegant and very carefully curated. It’s a staple in jewelry that every women must own.

Brown enamelled kundan and pearl earrings

2. Jhumkas: Jhumkis are one of the classic types of ethnic earrings which have been in existence from centuries. These Indian earrings are generally found in the shape of conical, circular or church bell. Each religion or region for that matter has different and very unique design of Jhumkas. This is that one piece of jewelry that is mostly passed on generations and everyone has its importance too. Thus, it won’t be wrong in saying that a women’s collection of earrings is not complete until the beauty called Jhumkas is a part of it.

brown tinted jhumkas
3. Kaan Chain: This is one of the conventional fashion earring styles that come with long chains that get hooked or pinned on to your hair. It is considered one of the most regal and royal set of earrings when it comes to ethnic earrings. It is also a perfect wear for your amazing wedding functions, festivals and what not. Over the years the trends for kaan chains has increased and inculcated many new designs in it. They look great with updos as well as loose hairstyles.

kundan -pearl earrings

So, now when you shop do keep in mid these three mandates and fill in your jewelry box with the best jewelry of all time. The classics that will never fade out of the trends.


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