What is great summer skin care made of?

Come summer, and before the weather department, our skin starts sending the telltale signs. Tans, irritations, rashes, breakouts, chapped lips, and Sun damage all announce the summer and leaves us no chance but to wait for it to end soon. Ask a well-equipped one though and you might find them basking and thriving under the sun. And you wonder how! Well, the best summer skin care can let you eat your ice cream in peace.

Read on to find some products that spell summer skincare and do exactly that

Pure Aloe Vera and Saffron Face Gel - this rejuvenating formula is Paraben and Sulphate free. The Sun damage champion helps control Sunburn – the biggest summer skin issue- and controls tanning. Your outdoor buddy also reduces dark spots all while providing nourishment to your skin, so you are prepared for a day out.

Aloe Vera Face Wash- Team this Aloe Vera and Saffron Face Gel we discussed above for a combative summer skincare regime. Consistent usage removes excess oil and nourishes skin while also lending its anti-microbial and anti–inflammatory properties to Sun Affected skin. This is also a good choice for regular usage as Aloe Vera is known for reducing spots and keeping the skin clear and cleansed. The product is compatible with normal teenage skin as it takes care of fighting acne. This one deserves to be in your regular skincare regime.

Red Clay And Rose Face Packs– Face packs are all-time skin essentials that bolster the skin regime with extra nourishment and added benefits. Working in multiple ways apart from skin tightening, deep skin cleansing, and brightening, reduces redness and soothes discomfort caused by irritation. The face pack is enriched with the properties of red clay and dried rose petals that care for your skin with love.

Coffee Scrub- Apart from harsh UV rays, pollution, and dirt also damage the skin. Coffee scrub in your skincare for summer exfoliates the skin and cleans it deep within to give it a smooth texture. It nourishes dry and other types of skin while reducing cellulite.

Regenerating Serum for Sensitive Skin – Some of us have sensitive skin that reacts faster to outside factors like dirt, pollution, the Sun, etc. This one compliments the nighttime summer skincare routine. It hydrates skin and rejuvenates it, so you get up with a fresh-looking, clean, and glowing face in the morning.

Bath Products – During summer bathing is no more routine. It is an indulgence. Considering a bath is a major source of rejuvenation, cleansing, and skin care for summer, there are several products that when used leave you cool and relaxed and are easily available online.

Cooling Aqua Body Wash – This one is for a long-lasting cooling sensation after a bath! This one is also for those who look for serious exfoliation, skin hydration, and acne treatment all in a bath. Try this one from Odette.

Citrus King Whipped Soap- A tempting blend of essential oils, carrier oils, and natural fragrances, this bath buddy leaves the skin soft and velvety, and hydrated and a refreshing citrus smell.

Milk Honey Bathing Bar- We’ve all grown up on our Grandma’s beauty secrets that included Milk and Honey for skin care, especially during summer. This organic soap contains the goodness of milk and honey in a bath bar. Honey maintains the PH Levels of your skin and locks moisture, while milk lightens and brightens it. Together they make the skin firm and smooth.

Bath Yogurt- This is free from Parabens, chemicals, and petrochemicals, light, refreshing moisturizer formula is yogurt based and is just apt for an intensive care regime. A non-sticky deep moisturizing formula, it also heals dry, damaged, and dull skin leaving it soft, supple, and smooth. Use it after a bath to lock the freshness.

Buy these products and see the summer in its face. The best summer skincare products from Odette are available online on the website Odette.in. The website also has many offers and discounts available for customers.

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