Why Kundan Jewelry Can Never Go Out Of Style

Kundan is essentially traditional gemstone jewelry that is placed in a gold foil between two stones. The beautiful art of Kundan jewelry is known to stem from the ancient kingdoms of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Skilled craftsmen in the courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat channeled their expertise towards the creation of jewellery fused with stones and refined gold.

Due to their royal and elegant appearance, the fame of handmade Kundan jewelry surpassed all boundaries. Today, it is among the finest pieces of ethnic jewelry or rather called as Indian wedding jewelry that women can possibly own in their lifetime.

Kundan embedded necklaces or Kundan necklaces and sets define sheer elegance, grace, and royalty. This piece of jewelry is so perfectly crafted and adored that in today’s time also it’s the most preferred and love jewelry. When the wedding seasons shower upon us, this piece of jewelry genre is always there.

While we all know that it’s a wedding staple but due to its involvement in the Indian jewelry section it has evolved a lot. There are endless designs and types from normal wearing to bride jewelry. Sometimes it actually becomes difficult to understand what type to wear with your dresses, because we all know how versatile Kundan jewelry is.

When it comes to wearing this genre of jewelry people are always open to it, but sometimes do get lost what to wear with what and spend hours in shop choosing. What if we told you that shop to shop moving is going to go less, as at Odette we bring the Kundan jewelry at your doorstep? You can now buy them online.

Still, wondering what type of jewelry to what type of your attire? Worries not here are some tips that will make your pairings in the future much easier.

1. Wearing something extremely elegant and regal? Or are you one of those who always want to keep it simple, elegant, and sophisticated? Then, Odette provides you with just that piece. A combination of pearls and Kundan is considered the most royal statement because of its look and the regalness of pearl. This pair is really well paired with not so heavy dresses. Even this type of jewelry is very suitable upon your simple kurtas as it’s so versatile.

Kundan and Pearl Neckpiece

2. More of a go traditional person? Then a set of beautiful Kundan necklace is just for you. A set that has drops of colors and just traditional they are. Even though it is traditional, it makes the piece more adoring with its beautiful uncut stones and the gold foil carving. The original is actually the most versatile pair as it can be paired with your casuals to your wedding dresses.

kundan & enameled necklace with earrings

3. Wearing something extravagant for the wedding season and want to make a statement with your jewelry, then a nice big uncut Kundan set is just for you. The Kundan necklace with big pieces is actually one of the most trendy and royal forms. If you’re wearing something extremely traditional like a lehenga this piece is to go for.

semiprecious kundan & enameled necklace with earrings

4. More of an experiment and make a statement person? Then the set of Tassels, beads, Kundan stones, and mandala-like designs make a perfect fit in your jewelry list. With its royal detailing and modern looks, this is definitely a piece to invest in.

Floral kundan pearl choker with earrings


There you go with the best Kundan pairings for your occasions. At Odette, we see to your every need. Happy Jewelry shopping!


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