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Welcome back to workplace folks!

I know that months of working from home would have put a pause to exploring your corporate styles. But now I can hear the hustle and bustle of going back from working from home in PJs to being a 9 to 5 chic all over again! To all my corporate fashionistas, if you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe while keeping in mind how to judiciously spend on versatile and exquisite statement work wear accessories, this blog is all yours.

A classy and chic leather bag preferably big enough for your laptop and other essentials is every office-going woman's best friend. Pair it with a subtle yet rich looking leather belt of the same tint and you are good to go. A bold and audacious pair of wrist watch is a must have when it comes to work wear. Not only does it enhance your outfit, but it also creates an impression of timeliness thus adding a touch of class and decorum to the overall look.

 A chic yet simple statement neckpiece adds glamour to the attire thus making you stand out from the crowd along with taking your otherwise basic look one step ahead.

How can one forget the part an exquisite pair of sunglasses plays in carrying out the business diva look! Let's not turn a blind eye to the importance of the right pair of sunglasses and take to investing in one. Trust me you would never regret it.

Last but not the least, I want to throw light on the significance of a comfortable yet elegant pair of closed toe pump heels in the completing the look ranging from arrant formal attire to business casuals.

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