10 unconventional jewel pieces that will make you stand out in 2020

So we have gracefully entered the year 2020 and we already have our fashion resolutions in place. Some of us are going to stick to staples while others would go all out and experiment. Whatever your resolution is, do not forget to be thoughtful about your accessories. Yes, it goes without saying how important jewelry has become over this decade. These truly are the jewel pieces that instantly jazz up your outfit. We have rounded up a list of 10 accessories that you should definitely take with you to the New Year if you aspire to stand out.

1. Fur Collar

One of the alluring neck pieces you could acquire is this faux fur collar. This is not only a fashion stunner but also keeps you relatively warm in winters. The animal print is absolutely chic and stands neck tall for creating a statement.

2. Waterfall Necklace

You must have seen these waterfall neckpieces on the ramp. Haven’t you? These are just so haute! The waterfall pattern is the astounding feature of these neckpieces. The Silver and Black metallic finish makes this necklace all the more appealing.

You can shop this stunner here:

3. Ivory and Coral

Doesn’t that already sound exotic? Corals and pearls sound like the gems from the ocean. You should certainly invest in earrings made from the mother of pearls or corals to stand out in 2020. Check out these earrings with coral blue upper half holding the white mother of pearl like art here: 

4. Vintage Earrings

Vintage never goes out of style. You can blindly go for anything vintage as far as jewelry is concerned. These beauties have metallic gold top, which is further embellished with little cute bows made of Organza.

5. Multiple Buckle Belts

This is what a statement piece looks like! These belts are so in vogue. The multiple buckle fastenings make this belt so extra in a fashion-savvy way. This is definitely a great pick if you want to experiment and go all out with your style in 2020.

6. Velvet Headbands

Headbands have come into fashion over the last couple of years and they really do make a difference if you want to slay a casual look. Out of a numerous styles, velvet headbands top our list. They add an edgy yet minimal look to your outfit.

7. Fancy reindeers

There must have been times this winter when you wanted to go to a party wearing something that would turn heads, especially on the Christmas Eve. Well, this is just what you needed. This reindeer headband is a pretty add-on for your Christmas OOTD.

8. Pretty Little Brooches

We are sure you weren’t expecting something like this. But these little brooches are most certainly the jewel piece that will distinguish your style from the rest of the crowd. You can go for anything that resonates with your style or personality. Don’t hesitate to experiment.

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9. Shredded Bracelets

Shredded bracelets must have been the best trend that has ever happened as far as bracelets are concerned. You get to wear a couple of in-sync bracelets together. Undoubtedly, this shredded bracelet is something you should embrace in 2020.

10. Egyptian Bracelets

Now this trend is almost the opposite of the shredded bracelets. Egyptian bracelets could be defined as minimal and solid. Contrary to the shredded bracelet that has multiple jazzy stuff, the Egyptian style has one big minimal and solid astounding feature.

With these 10 jewelry essentials, finesse your way through the year 2020 in style. Happy Shopping!


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