5 Must-Have Hair Bands To Flaunt This Summer

If we talk accessories, one that is slightly tricky to pull off is the hair band for girls. Yes, we've all worn them at school at some point in our lives but, it's difficult to pull one off otherwise. The colours to pick? The occasions to wear them to? It can get real confusing real quick, considering how fast trends change nowadays. But worry not, here are 5 ways to wear the tricky hair band like a queen and make heads turn wherever you go! 

Gold and lovin' it

 A blingy, embellished hair band can jazz up an outfit like nothing else. Black and gold is a timeless combination. Pair a black pantsuit with a black and gold crystal hair band and live it up like the girl boss you are. If you need to glam up your semi-formal outfits, an embellished hair band is the way to go. Just ditch the earrings and wear a gold ring instead. 

The minimalist way

Sometimes, keeping it simple is best. An understated hair accessory like a simple hairband can be a great add-on for an elegant and sophisticated look. It is simple yet feminine and will pair well with a dainty blouse and skirt outfit along with a sleek sling bag. 

The old-school way

When we say old school, we mean the good ol' padded hair bands for girls that we used to rock back in the day, just more stylish and less girly. The padded hair band for girls has been a trusted ally and, it can still be if you style it right. If you're buying hair bands online, make sure that you buy a padded one for sure, as they can be styled with most casual outfits. You can also try padded hair bands with embellishments such as beads and crystals for a chic look.  

Tie-it up!

Tie-up hair bands have been a crowd favourite for ages. Think of sunny days in the park, soaking up the sun in an idyllic haze. What hair accessory do you find yourself donning? Yes, a tie-up hair band! For a casual day out with friends, this is a great way to keep your hair secured and still look perfect for the photos. 

Beaded and glamourous

Nothing spells elegance more than delicate drops of pearls. Pearl earrings are one way to get into the beaded aesthetic but, how about trying something new? A beaded hair band has a sophisticated and timeless aura that cannot be found in other accessories. These hair bands are very 'old Hollywood’ style and a must-have when it comes to hair bands for girls

We hope our list helps you slay the hair band game with the utmost confidence and style. Upgrade your accessories collection with delicate and exquisite pieces from Odette and stand out wherever you go. Find everything here. Earrings? Check. Belts? Check. Rings? Check! Make a statement only with Odette


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