Five ways to style Kids Hairband

Dressing up your baby girl during the winters can be tricky. Kids enjoy moving around, and with the parenting instinct to keep them warm all the time, we often end up covering them in layers. This often drops our whole idea of staying up the fashion game. To keep your kid both fashionable and warm you can add other elements like kids hairband to their outfit, that will instantly amp up their entire look.

There are different ways you can style kids hair bands and make your baby girl rock her look in it. Be it knotted or leather style hairband, they will look good if you plan your baby’s outfit around the same. If you are someone who likes to dress their kid for play dates in the park or quick fun-time at the mall, then you can definitely buy your favorite hair bands from Odette’s kids hairband collection. To make your job easier we have rounded up our top five (5) cutest headbands that will look just perfect on your kid. The catch? You can wear them, and enjoy the compliments showered your way.

Knotted Hair Bands

Knotted hair bands look the best when paired with jeans, denim jacket, and sneakers. If your baby girl loves to play in the park then you can buy this Green Knotted Hair Band and style it to give her a rockstar look. 

Bright Colors

Don’t shy away from dressing your baby in bright colored hair bands. You can buy her a bright colored hair band like Odette’s Red Grip Hair Band and style it with cute pigtails. 

Leather Hair Band

We suggest you plan your baby’s outfit keeping the stylish hairdo in mind. You can pair her outfit with french braids, and a classic leather hairband. We love the Grey Leather Hairband, that goes perfectly with puffer jackets and boots. 

Victorian Style

Looking for ways to wear kids hairbands for parties, and events? Then go ahead and get your hands on the pretty Victorian style hairbands. With a black, satin base they look voguish with any party wear outfit.

Pleated Hair Band

Messy oily hair? Grab a pair or two of pleated hair bands and use them to instantly brighten your kids outfit. Pleated hairbands are in trend, cute, and the random faux pearls is just the right accessory you need to add the wow factor to your baby’s outfit.

Style your hair band for girls for that extra pop or wear it with a hairstyle to add that extra click to your outfit. You can also pair it with belts for a festive mood.


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