Amplifying hair bands enhancing with casual and cute style perfect for everyday wear or, versatile and can be used for special occasions. Distinct patterns of wreaths, coloured jewels and beads. Adorn your hair with these pieces as it is important for self love and self care. Leave it to “Odette “to pamper you!!

1. Grey-Striped and Black Hairclips

A very modish grey clip has overlapping five bows divided on both sides. One set of bow is black and transparent. The other set of bows are grey- striped. A clump of one silver bead, rhine stone and a lead-like steel piece is clutched in the centre. Click HERE.

2. Green Velvety Hair Band

Green velvety hair band is adorned with two star- like and two flower- like segments over the band. A knot too is popped on the top. Tap HERE to add this to your cart.

3.Canary Velvety Hair Band

Canary velvety hair band has knot overhead. Band looks like a crown with multicoloured stones planted randomly. Click HERE to add this to your collection.

4.Barrette Ribbon-Shaped Cotton Fabric Hair Clip

Barrette ribbon-shaped cotton fabric clip is swathed with a net-type supple. A stretching stuff is added to the knot in between. A flower with stones is placed on knot. You’d love this piece. Tap HERE to shop.

5.Barrette Blue Elegant Lacy Hair Clip

Barrette blue elegant lacy hair clip has two ribbons overlapping. Ribbons are see-through. A clump of two stones and a pearl looks cute. Add it to your collection today! Click HERE.

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